30 years of Plastic Distribution

This year Plastics Plus celebrated their 30 years of plastics distribution in the UK! Established in 1991, the family owned business has continued to grow and prosper into a now proud 3rd generation company.

To celebrate this fantastic milestone, the team organised a special competition as a way of thanking clients for the continuous support during the last 30 years, particularly during the pandemic. To showcase their gratitude, as a part of their 30 year celebration, Plastics Plus also planted 300 trees as a gift to the planet and a symbol of their lasting legacy.

Reflecting on a third generation business, Barry White, Chairman, commented:

“Who would have thought that when we started in 1991 that the business would have grown as it has. It is with great pride that I have seen my grandsons join the family business and are now helping to take it forward. When my son, Stuart and I start the company we had a vision for a business which reflects the family values of loyalty and partnership. After 30 years this continues to be at the heart of our business philosophy.”

Fresh Perspectives and Unique Solutions

Forbes has found that one of the biggest advantages to a multi-generation family business is the different ages and the unique perspectives that they offer. With the combined extensive knowledge and experience of each family member, Plastics Plus can provide a multitude of different bespoke solutions to each of their clients. Recently Plastics Plus has added a new cutting-edge technology with the intention of providing high-quality, market leading processing services.

National Family Business Day

On September 23rd 2021 we will be celebrating the “National Family Business Day” which aims to highlight the impact that family businesses make on our economy and communities alike. In the UK alone, the family business sector has generated over £1.1 trillion turnover which equates to roughly a quarter of UK GDP during 2014 (1). Without a doubt this has increased over the last few years.

For more information about our team and family run business visit our about page here!​