Planting trees

As we are all aware environmental issues, particularly deforestation, has been a hot topic of discussion in the recent years. We understand the value & importance of taking care of our planet which is why, as a part of our 30 year celebration, we arranged for the National Trust to plant 300 trees as a gift to the planet and our lasting legacy!

Planting the trees is not only an essential act of appreciation from us to the planet but it also represents the growth of our business over the course of 30 years. Currently we have three members of a third generation working for Plastics Plus, following from Barry White & Stuart White, father and son who started the business in May 1991. These trees will grow, as our business has, with solid roots based on good family values, kindness and strength.

30 Years
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As a part of our 30 year celebration we thought it was important for us to thank our old, new and existing clients for showing their support to us particularly during a pandemic that has been difficult and hard hitting for many businesses.

To show our gratitude we have set-up a prize draw where you can be in the chance of winning a year’s National Trust Membership!

The deadline to enter our prize draw is Monday 31st May at 6pm. We will draw on Tuesday 1st June.

All entrants* will receive a box of Plastics Plus 30th Anniversary promotional gifts, all from recycled/sustainable materials.