Cutting edge technology

A new bespoke saw is the latest addition to the Plastics Plus cutting capacity to provide market leading processing services.

Working with the Homag group since the first purchase in 1996, we have constantly developed the cutting edge technology to ensure market leading processing of our range of sheet materials, from the thinnest gauge PETG to thick acrylic block.

Unique features

Our new saw has been built and developed to virtually eliminate risk of any imperfections during the cutting process; to provide a clean cut edge to our full range of materials. This is achieved through a combination of purpose built Homag machines and experienced operators.

We utilise unique processes in conjunction with bespoke sawblades to allow us to cut PETG from 0.5mm thickness without issue, but also capable of cutting maximum block heights with a saw projection of 170mm.

Partnership with the Homag Group

This will be the thirteenth Saw from the Homag group in a partnership spanning 25 years, a partnership that has resulted in PPL being recognised as the ones to aspire to when it comes to cut to size.