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3A Polycasa are, through the acquisition process, the longest term partner to Plastics Plus. Previously known as  Resart GmbH, Barlo Plastics, Quinn Plastics and now 3A Polycasa, our partnership remains unique in today’s environment and Plastics Plus are proud to work closely with our partners at 3A Polycasa – “the home for plastics”. With manufacturing sites located throughout Europe, 3A Polycasa has three core values – quality, loyalty and innovation. These values are also very much at the heart of Plastics Plus. 3A Polycasa are committed to their partnership with Plastics Plus, providing Cast, Extruded and High Impact Acrylic, PETG sheet, Polycarbonate and Polystyrene sheet. Plastics Plus are proud to offer the full range of 3A Polycasa products from stock in the UK and are the exclusive UK distributors of Spectar PETG, now known as Hipex® G.


Arla Plast AB is a good partner with Plastics Plus as we share a great synergy, in that we are both privately owned and extremely proud of our history and the value of our employees. Arla Plast remain one of the most flexible and competitive producers of Polycarbonate and PETG sheet and work closely with Plastics Plus to provide customers with fast and reliable answers to all requirements. Specialities include Saphir Polycarbonate, the hard coated polycarbonate sheet offers added resistance to vandals and graffiti, and Griphen Frost PETG, with a specially formulated surface which offers wider scope for illuminated applications.


Altuglas International is a global leader in PMMA, manufacturing approximately 20% of the world’s PMMA. Plastics Plus has worked in partnership with Altuglas for over 7 years, as a distributor of their Cast and Extruded Acrylic Sheet.


With their manufacturing base in the UK, Brett Martin offer over 50 years experience in the production of plastic sheet product which include Foam PVC, Polycarbonate and Extruded Acrylic sheet. Plastics Plus enjoy a strong partnership and commitment to support and develop new areas and applications for the range of sheet produced.

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