Plastics and plastic suppliers are always in demand. The UK plastics industry is world-beating, worth £27bn to the economy annually and employing over 180,000 people. So finding a good plastic sheet supplier is a definite business asset — especially if they provide additional specialist services to suit your needs.

So what can a UK plastics supplier do for your business? Working with the best ensures quality, reliability and accuracy every time you order, with exceptional customer experience and speedy countrywide delivery. Here’s what to consider when looking for the best partner for your business:


High-quality products

Poorly processed plastics are at risk of stress cracking and failing. Sheet plastic can warp and lose tolerance during cutting, resulting in an unusable end product. Watch out for suppliers that offer you cheaper off-brand products. They may lack the quality of recognised brands and cost you more in the long run.

At Plastics Plus, we supply recognised brands, including Crylon and Crylux acrylics, and an extensive range of Makroclear. In addition, we offer PETG sheets from NUDEC and 3A Composites, including Hipex G, plus a vast choice of branded products to suit your needs. These high-quality products deliver consistent performance and value for money.


Cutting edge technology

Another essential aspect when choosing your plastic sheet supplier is their technology. You’re unlikely to get the results you need with a firm that doesn’t use the latest equipment to get the job done to the highest standards. Quality should drive every decision when choosing your supplier, so make sure that their cutting equipment is cutting edge.

We use state of the art CNC plastic cutting equipment for a reason. We know our equipment delivers repeatable and reliable accuracy every time. And you can rely on an edge finish to your plastic sheet that’s second to none. In addition, our precision cutting services operate 24/7, so we can process your orders efficiently and quickly, allowing us to meet your needs, whatever they are.


Services you need

Attention to detail makes all the difference, so an excellent plastic supplier will offer the services you need across all your markets. This full range of services can help you grow your business, knowing that you can depend on your supplier to meet your needs.

Besides our precision cutting services, we also provide Diamond Polishing for a superb finish and a range of packing processes, including boxing, bagging and labelling. We operate across a range of markets, and our understanding of how our products are used is second to none. Combining design options with exceptional product performance, we offer products for retail, sign making, street furniture and more.


An exceptional customer experience

When you’re looking for a plastic sheet supplier, don’t ignore the value of a great customer experience. Your minimum service expectation should include knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing and prompt delivery.

At Plastics Plus, we’ve grown our business over the last 30 years. As a family business, we understand values like customer loyalty. And we’ve grown to become the UK’s leading independent plastics supplier, capable of order fulfilment countrywide with ease. Our highly skilled team offers friendly and knowledgeable service. In addition, we’ve developed partnerships with the best European manufacturers, allowing us to innovate and bring exceptional new products to the UK market. 


Plastics Plus for plastics and more

If you’re looking for plastic products and finishing services that meet your needs, Plastics Plus is your go-to UK supplier. We work with exceptional suppliers to source the products you need at competitive prices, so get in touch with the team at Plastics Plus today, and we’ll be happy to help!