End Plastic Soup

End Plastic Soup Campaign

End Plastic Soup aims to remove all plastic soup from oceans, seas and also plastic waste from lakes, rivers, forests, parks and streets.

They have a worldwide support system made up of over 3500 clubs that all work together to prevent and stop plastic pollution.

Bewdley Rotary Club

Bewdley Rotary Club is a supporter of the global initiative ‘End Plastic Soup’. They have recently gained the ambassador status of End Plastic Soup and represent the local community in the Heart of England with the globally shared goal of stopping plastic soup and waste.

If you want to show your support and join the organisation to make a difference in your community, get in touch with Bewdley Rotary Club.

Be plastic clever

Two young and passionate environmental activists Amy & Ella Meek have written a book, Be Plastic Clever, raising the concerns and dangers over plastic pollution and how we can stop it together if we act now.

Amy & Ella Meek have also recently performed their own TedX talk and were awarded the Young Citizen Award by Rotary GB and I for their amazing work with the Kids Against Plastic campaign.

Kids Against Plastic aims to stop UK supermarkets from using single-use plastic bottles. Their campaign has continued to grow and has made a huge difference to our communities with picking up more than 60,000 pieces of single-use plastic litter.

Our Contribution

Plastics Plus Ltd has recently made a generous donation to support Be Plastic Clever. This has enabled 100 copies of the book to be purchased and distributed to five different schools.

The feedback has been extremely positive from teachers that have commented on how well the book aligns with the current curriculum and has enabled their students to not only learn about plastic pollution, but also inspires them to fight for what they believe in.

Plastics Plus are very proud to support this initiative and have sponsored the purchase of these books for local school children.