Over the course of the last few years it has become clear that sustainability is our top priority and global agenda that needs addressing. Campaigners have particularly shaken the world in how we now view plastic and are continuously developing new ideas and views on how we can reduce plastic waste and increase sustainability to help our environment (1). This has caused some negative stigma and bad press in regards to plastic distribution and usage.

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Our Plastic

Although the plastic that we distribute at Plastics Plus is completely different, more permanent and long-lasting it does seems like plastic as a term has been generalised and doesn’t take into account some of the good that certain types of plastic bring. Albeit the work that these campaigners are doing is fantastic and applaudable, it does cause slight misleading from our perspective and has made ‘plastic’ seem like a bit of a taboo.

woman in computer with plastic divider


When the pandemic hit, plastic has become a huge saviour to our country in terms of helping to protect us and the places we go. We see plastic everywhere whether it is someone wearing a face shield, supermarket plastic dividers or hand sanitiser dispensers. The majority of this plastic is reusable and permanent.

Plastic has most definitely made it possible during the pandemic to do anything near normal and keep staff & visitors alike protected.

We want to stress that not all plastic is bad and deserves the negative stigma that it seems to hold. Many people, businesses and countries are now relying on plastic to help slow down the spread of the virus and promote safety.