Polycarbonate, like so many other plastic sheet materials, is in high demand by businesses nationwide. One of the main reasons why polycarbonate sheets are so popular is because they can be used for a wide range of projects – from lenses in eyewear to protective gear and medical equipment, anti-vandal glazing, and machine guards.

Polycarbonate is well renowned for its strength and durability. In fact, it is 200-250 times stronger than glass, which makes it an ideal alternative material.

Key properties of polycarbonate

We have already touched on the fact that polycarbonate is a strong and durable material. In addition to this, polycarbonate is also a great material for applications such as canopies and shelters. It showcases superior impact resistance and makes for excellent protection in street furniture applications.

The installation of polycarbonate is seamless too, despite its impressive strength it is considered to be a lightweight plastic sheet (if compared with glass).

As polycarbonate sheet suppliers, our products share the following properties:

  • High clarity
  • Superior impact strength
  • Lightweight (compared to glass)
  • Easily molds into the desired shape
  • Excellent thermoforming properties
  • Usable over a wide temperature range

We have a great selection of polycarbonate sheets and a choice of thicknesses, suitable for a wide range of applications. Our polycarbonate sheets can be supplied clear, opal, bronze or a grey tint and with additional UV protection where required.

Polycarbonate sheets can be cut to size

Polycarbonate sheets can be cut to size and your specific requirements. Polycarbonate is a malleable material meaning that it will not break or crack during the shaping, cutting, or molding process.

No two polycarbonate products are the same. Some people use polycarbonate sheets for protective wear whilst others for media disks such as DVDs or CDs. Recently, we have seen more builders use polycarbonate in their projects. They make a great addition to industrial kitchens as panels. Longevity in these sorts of projects is key and something that polycarbonate can deliver and be relied on.

Why choose Polycarbonate?

There are many reasons why polycarbonate would make the perfect addition to your projects. As you know, polycarbonate is known for its strength and durability. It’s a material that you can depend on and expect to last you years. It’s perfect for instances that can expect impact or harsher weather conditions.

As previously mentioned, our in-house team can supply polycarbonate sheets cut to size. Speak to our expert team to see whether polycarbonate is ideal for your upcoming project!