Many of us are taking a ‘staycation’ this summer due to COVID restrictions. This means that many of us will be missing out on the Mediterranean sunshine. Sunbeds are an alternative way of getting that summer tan which is a market that we specialise in through supplying UVT plastic.

For example, you might need clear sheet plastic to use as glazing. In addition, you’ll need to specify whether you want acrylic or polycarbonate, plus details like thickness and pattern. 

Crylux® UVT

Crylux® UVT (Ultra Violet Transmitting) is the perfect filter for UV light. This type of plastic is completely transparent to UV-A radiation and partially to UV-B radiation. It also allows for light to pass through the material and has the same optical properties as standard acrylic in terms of its clarity.

With a hot summer hitting the UK this year, we have seen an increase in the amount of people using sunbeds. Our Crylux® UVT Acrylic can be completely tailored to your specifications and needs regarding size and thickness. This ensures that only the desired type and amount of light passes through. As this material is designed to let light pass through, it means that it is safe to use without causing burns or damage to the skin.

Ensure product quality

Plastics Plus supply high quality plastic to a wide range niche markets including tanning salons. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the markets in which our products are used that is second to none.

We source the right material for the application, based on our very many years of experience across our team, to meet the specialist needs of your application. For more information on the types of markets that we supply to visit our page here.