Plastics Plus has provided material for many protection applications throughout the pandemic. The demand for protective equipment drastically increased since the first wave of coronavirus. Plastic material has, without a doubt, played a key part to keeping clients, staff and people alike safe in workplaces and other spaces. Many of our clients have used plastic to construct screen dividers, face shields, sneeze guards and more.

We are grateful to be able to help vaccination centres keep their staff and general public safe whilst the vaccination programme is rolling out.

In addition to the screens at vaccination centres we have provided material for screens in supermarkets, railway stations, airports, offices, banks and many more. Protecting staff and visitors in all of these situations.

PETG has been a good choice of material, but other products, including Acrylic and Polycarbonate have been used. This is based on the type of application and the suitability and with out wide range of plastic materials, there is plenty to choose from depending on your specifications and needs. The expert team at Plastics Plus can advise on the best choice of material for your application, get in touch here.

Client review

Arella Warner, who works as a volunteer at the Guildford Vaccine centre in Surrey, commented on how good the screens are in providing protection for the registration desk staff.

“We work face to face with clients coming to the centre for their Covid-19 vaccination. It is reassuring to have the physical protection of the screens in our very busy centre where we are vaccinating up to 1,000 people a day. We feel protected working behind the screens, but are still able to communicate with the people attending the centre, many whom can be quite anxious and potentially vulnerable, particularly in the early days of vaccination. The screens protect the team as well as our clients.”