Bewdley Rotary Club Support

Bewdley Rotary Club is a supporter of the global initiative ‘End Plastic Soup’. Their goal is to remove all plastic soup from oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, canals, forests, parks, schools and streets by 2050. Clubs like Bewdley Rotary all work together worldwide to solve and prevent plastic pollution. The organisation has 3500 Rotarians already supporting the organisation, completely exceeding the original aim of 1200 clubs!

Bewdley Rotary has gained ambassador status of End Plastic Soup and represents the Heart of England in leading this global initiative.

Help support this amazing organisation and make a difference to your community by reducing plastic use and pollution. To get in touch and sign up please email or visit

Be Plastic Clever

Teenage activists Amy & Ella Meek are the founders of ‘Kids Against Plastic’. They have recently created a campaign called ‘Be Plastic Clever’ that teaches other young activists on the dangers of plastic pollution and how their voice can be heard.

Be Plastic Clever also encourages schools, businesses and festivals on being mindful of their plastic use.

Together Amy & Ella have picked up over 60,000 pieces of single-use plastic litter and even performed a TedX talk stressing the dangers that plastic pollution brings to our environment.

Plastics Plus Support

Bewdley Rotary Club initially approached Plastics Plus to help with the End Plastic Soup project knowing the nature of our business. We saw this as a perfect opportunity to extend our education on plastic and show our support towards this amazing cause. We have sponsored the campaign through purchasing 100 copies of the ‘Be Plastic Clever’ book which has been distributed to five different schools.

The pandemic has taught many people that plastic can be great and provide sufficient protection and safety during a world health crisis. This is the type of Plastic that Plastics Plus supplies.

We are extremely proud to be a part of a campaign that is eager to make positive changes in our communities whilst helping our environment.

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