We have well and truly started the year off on the right foot with a lot of new positive changes to the business and an exciting welcoming of our new vehicle tracking system, Tele-gence. This system is supplied to us through Fuel Card Services who are based in the UK. It will be implemented and used with our fleet of five, 3-tonne trucks and one flat bed van.

The tracking system is fairly conventional, it allows us to monitor live vehicle location which enables us to anticipate when deliveries can be expected as well as supplying us with the information needed to let our clients know of any changes to their delivery slots. Client satisfaction is our top priority and ultimately the implementation of Tele-gence allows for us to ensure that we are able to provide you with excellent customer service.

Key benefits of Tele-gence:

> Improved idea of regular journey times.

> Enables us to manage scheduled for each vehicle more accurately.

> Optimises drivers hours in order to deliver a more economical drive time.

Plastics Plus Van 1
Plastics Plus Van 2

As we are based over two mostly independent sites, we can also use the data to measure the crossover between them. Giving us all an idea of each other’s movements and therefore review the data to improve our efficiency.

Furthermore, we can use the tracking system to log mileage for each vehicle. This can be used to help with distance-based service requirements.

The logic behind using a system like this is to offer a greater depth of service to the customer, offering a more current method of delivery scheduling and reduce any unnecessary time the vehicles are on the road without purpose.

Tele-gence is a brand-new system that has been officially implemented and within a short period of time we have seen significant improvements to our delivery efficiency and quickness. We have also optimised the driver’s hours to provide a more economical service that is better for the environment but still delivers excellent customer service.

For more information about the introduction of Tele-gence speak to our team by calling on 01902 715131 or email us at sales@plasticsplus.co.uk