Acrylic plastic is an incredibly versatile material for commercial use. More robust than glass and other plastics, it’s also more reliable and affordable. A clear acrylic sheet, in particular, is a premium choice for many applications. To find out more about this exceptional material, here are seven uses of acrylic plastic you might not know about.


1. Protective panels

We’ve all become used to protective panels and sneezeguards. But did you know they’re manufactured using clear acrylic sheet?

This dynamic material combines strength and safety, ideal for see-through protective panelling. Plastic sheet panels can also be formulated with antimicrobial protection to give your employees and customers additional protection.


2. Kitchen splashback

An acrylic splashback is a quick and achievable update for any kitchen. And because there’s a massive range of colours and finishes, the final splashback can be sleek and sophisticated, glossy, or wildly creative. 

We can cut acrylic sheets to any size to fit even the most unconventional spaces for a bespoke finish. Once installed, a plastic sheet splashback is extremely low maintenance, being easy to clean and resistant to scratching and staining — perfect for everyday use.


3. Greenhouses

Traditionally, greenhouses are manufactured from glass. But if you want to grow fruit and vegetables on a commercial scale, it’s worth considering using acrylic plastic panelling for your greenhouses.

There are several reasons to consider using acrylics like Plexiglass. First, this material is up to 50% lighter than glass sheets and 17 times more robust. It’s a tough and durable material that can withstand all weather conditions. And it won’t shatter when struck, making it much safer for your workforce. 

In addition, the higher light transmittance means acrylic sheets can both reflect and transmit light better than glass. This clarity maximises growing conditions making acrylic an excellent choice for greenhouse panels and skylights.


4. Retail displays

Ever wonder how stores achieve those effortless floating retail displays? A clear acrylic sheet is a cost-effective way to create captivating layouts that show off any product in a modern, minimalist style. 

Acrylic display stands are a cost-effective way to achieve incredible effects. Plastic sheet options are available in different colours to reflect your branding and won’t shatter or scratch with extended use. In addition, acrylic sheets come in an extensive range of thicknesses and sizes, making them the perfect material for developing creative and eye-catching displays that reinforce your brand. 


5. Furniture

Sleek and modern furniture moulded from acrylic sheets has a cool and contemporary vibe. Because of the versatility of acrylic sheets, designs can be classic and traditional or quirky and daring. 

For example, a shatterproof clear acrylic like Crylux sheet is a perfect replacement for a glass tabletop, especially in a family home. And unlike wooden furniture, lightweight acrylic office furniture is much better at handling stains, spills and general wear and tear.


6. Aquariums

The combination of strength and transparency makes a clear acrylic sheet the ideal choice for an aquarium. Whether you need large scale tanks or a feature for a hotel lobby, acrylic is the obvious and affordable choice. In addition, it’s not a safety risk for people or sea life because it doesn’t smash and shatter like glass can.


7. Windows and skylights 

Clear acrylic sheets blend seamlessly with existing window panes to offer extra resistance and superb clarity. They’re an ideal choice when you need to replace smaller panes at risk of being smashed, or for skylights where weather resistance is critical. 

Acrylic panes can be highly UV resistant, blocking 90% of harmful rays and helping to protect curtains, carpets and furnishings from fading.


Acrylic plastic from Plastics Plus

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