Lightweight, clear and durable, Perspex is an excellent substitute for glass windows and partitions. If you’re looking for a protective screen in the workplace, then this could be the ideal material choice. We can cater for all your workplace essentials.

But what kind of Perspex screen is best for your business? Let’s take a look at the kinds of opaque and clear Perspex screens available.

At Plastics Plus, we can cater for all your workplace essentials. Offering a range of Acrylic sheet options and Perspex alternatives such as Crylux, Crylon and Hipex, we’ll have the ideal product for you.

What is Perspex?

Perspex is a brand name for acrylic sheets. However, the name has become a colloquial term and is often used as a label for acrylic sheets in general. You can get Perspex sheets in an array of thicknesses, opacities and colours. However, transparent Perspex is popular in a variety of workplaces as it’s an incredibly versatile glass substitute.

It’s also strong and easy to clean, making it a long-lasting and hygenic investment.

At Plastics Plus, we use the latest cutting technology to create high-quality plastic sheets of any size or thickness — you let us know what you need, and we can make it happen!

Clear Perspex Screens

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased need for safety screens that enable social distancing and reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission.

If you’re looking for Perspex screens that allow face-to-face interaction but keep staff and customers safe, then clear acrylic sheets are your best bet.

Perspex Sneeze Guards

If you work in retail, hospitality or in a similar customer-facing role, then you might be in need of checkout screens or sneeze guards at your till points or reception desk. These Perspex screens sit on the countertop to create a protective barrier between staff and customers.

Because they are made from thin, transparent acrylic, they won’t block sound and cause communication issues. Sneeze guards also have cut out gaps at the bottom so customers can pay via a card reader and so purchases can be passed through for scanning.

Checkout Screens

If you have self-serve checkouts, you may also be looking for clear perspex screens. Rather than table-top acrylic sneeze guards, you might want taller free-standing screens. These can separate tills to ensure there is a safe distance between customers at different pay points.

Queue Screens

Similar free-standing Perspex screens can be helpful in managing queues, too. Whether you work in retail or run exhibitions, queues are likely. Although this is great for business, so many people in close proximity can increase the risk of COVID transmission. Large, clear plastic screens can promote social distancing and keep customers and visitors safe as they wait to pay or view.

Because they’re transparent, they also won’t block any light.

Office and Desk Partitions

Clear Perspex sheets can also be a great way to keep colleagues safe in office settings. For teams who work on a shared table and want a physical safety barrier but still need to discuss work, then small table-top desk partitions are handy. Your team may also benefit from larger free-standing screens if you need to separate areas of a large space and don’t want to lose light.

Opaque Perspex Screens

As well as supporting businesses in keeping employees and customers safe during the Coronavirus pandemic, Perspex screens can be a practical and stylish choice for office partitions. Ideal for giving employees privacy in an easy-to-maintain way. With so many colours, shapes and sizes available, you can customise to get the aesthetic you want.

With an impact resistance that’s ten times stronger glass, you can be sure that your acrylic sheets will be a long-lasting, worthwhile purchase.

Keep in mind that while we have focused on Perspex screens in this article, there are lots of other suitable materials for these uses, all with different properties and benefits. Perspex might not be the best choice for you, so chat to us about your options.

No matter what kind of Perspex screen you’re looking for, at Plastics Plus we have the vision and technical know-how to create the perfect solution for your business. Why not get in touch today to discuss your needs?